Community Impact

28 years of serving the greater Birmingham community

Founded in 1995 by Anne Bruno LaRussa, Oasis was created to fill a gap in counseling services primarily for low-income, uninsured, or underinsured women and children.

96% of Oasis clients are coping better

Since coming to Oasis, 96% of clients who respond to the client satisfaction survey are coping better with the stress in their life.

2,200+ people served annually by Oasis

Oasis serves more than 1,200 people through individual, group, or family counseling sessions and an additional 1,000 people through education and outreach opportunities.

5,000 – 6,000 counseling sessions annually

Oasis provides approximately 3,600 counseling sessions to adults, 1,650 counseling sessions to children and adolescents, and 350 counseling sessions to couples, families, and groups.

46,000+ people reached through Oasis

The lives of more than 45,000 women, children, and families have been rebuilt through the transformative services of Oasis Counseling.